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Ambaji - The Famous Pilgrimage

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Ambaji holy temple of Goddess Amba

Ambaji is one of the famous pilgrimages for Hindus. Every year thousands of believers of goddess Amba come to visit the holy temple of Goddess Amba. There are so many famous festivals which are celebrated with great joy, every year. During these festivals, lacs of visitors from far away regions come to visit the holy ambaji – Ambaji. Ambaji is located in Banaskantha district of Gujarat state. Also it is situated nearby the famous Aravali hills. Another temple, which is said to be the actual temple of Goddess Amba lies on the Gabbar Hill and there are ropeways to go upto the Gabbar hill, other than the stairs.

There are so many hotels in Ambaji where visitors prefer to stay and then go to visit the holy temple. Most of the tourists come to visit Ambaji by the full moon night, as more of Hindu people are rushed into the ambaji to worship goddess Amba. So that foreign tourists can get to know about Hindu culture and their heritage. Hotels in Ambaji include Premium Hotels, Economy Hotels, 3 Star Hotels, 4 Star Hotels, and Luxury Hotels in Ambaji. All such Ambaji hotels have been famous since the Gujarat tourism department has released the latest advertisements of Ambaji. In this advertisement, legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan mentions the history and facts about the goddess Amba and this temple.

Ambaji hotels are mostly crowded with people during festive season as well as during vacations. Also by the weekends, people from nearby cities like Palanpur, Abu Road etc. visit the temple. Such locals come by the morning time and then take leave by the noon. So other than tourists, locals are also attracted towards the goddess Amba. Actually, there is no image or idol of goddess Amba in temple, instead there is a Shree Visa Yantra, which is worshipped and taken wishes from. So Ambaji is worth a visit, and the attest renovated temple of goddess Amba is well planned and can look after thousands of people at a time. The compound of outer temple is wider and always crowded by people, who have come there to take a glimpse of goddess.

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